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UBB was founded by H.E. Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng in 2007 with the vision of providing opportunities to students living in rural areas, especially in north-western Cambodia. These opportunities include access to higher education and services that contribute towards the development of their individual careers as well as to that of local communities while at the same time reducing the knowledge gap between the rural and urban population.


Leaflets of University


Prof.Dr. Lek Sovan
Professor, University of Tououse, France
 10-17 / August / 2010

Dr.Richard Gilbert
Professor, Phoenix University, USA
09-15 / August / 2010 

Dr.Lek Sithan
Associate Professor, University of Toulouse, France
10-17/ August / 2010

The objectives of this workshop are to enable students to;
28-29 Setptember, 2010

Dr.Hoover AGYAO,PH.D.
University of Corpillekas, BAGUIO City,Philippines
September 27,2010

The objectives of this workshop are to enable students to;
28-29 september, 2010

Institute of Foreign Languages

The Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) is dedicated to providing professional foreign language services that enhance intercultural communication and awareness to the educational community, the business community, and the public at large in north-western part Cambodia.

The Institute of Foreign Languages comprises four departments:
        - Department of English Language
        - Department of Korean Language        - Department of Chinese Language        - Department of Japanese Language

Majors of Study:
        - English Major
        - Korean Major
        - Chinese Major

Faculty of Sociology and Community Development

The Faculty is composed of four departments:
       - Department of Rural Development,
       - Department of Agribusiness,
       - Department of Law, and
       - Department of Economics. 


Majors of Study:
       - Economics Major
       - Rural Development Major
       - Law Major
       -  Agribusiness Major

 The mission of Faculty of Sociology and Community Development is to develop and apply knowledge to aid social and rural decision makers in addressing social and economic issues through integrated research and educational programs that enhance incomes and qualify of life in Cambodia. Its research mission focuses on social and rural issues, the production and distribution of agricultural products, the use of natural resources and the needs of rural people. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology is intended to appeal to students with interested in state-of-the-art information technology and nuclear/civil engineering. The mission of the faculty is to provide the best quality of science and technology programs, particularly engineering ones, in Cambodia, to enables students to achieve their dreams after graduation.

It is currently composed of three departments:
   - Department of Information Technology;
   - Department of Civil Engineering; and
   - Department of Nuclear Engineering

Majors of Study:
    - Information Technology Major
    - Civil Engineering Major
    -  Nuclear Engineering Major

Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism

The Faculty has a strong will to push students to achieving their goal as the best qualified human resources both in the business and tourism areas. The curricula are designed to provide a solid foundation of business and cooperation with companies, governmental and non-governmental and organizations, research and development institutions.

The faculty is composed of three Departments:
                - Department of Management;
                   - Department of Business; and
                - Department of Tourism

       Majors of Study:
                - Management Major
                - Accounting Major
                - Finance and Banking Major
                - Marketing Major
                - Tourism Major